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Daves Outdoor World

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Prodeco Electric Bikes, American Made And Built

I own a Prodeco Outlaw Electric bike, a 750 watt peak 1400 28mph bike. I purchased it 2013 and it is still going strong with no issues. I am going to soon have to save for a new battery which is not cheap currently about 500 to 750 dollars. However there is good news on the battery front. Longer lasting lighter batteries are coming! Mine is a 51amp and weighs about 20lbs. It fits over the back tire. I am excited about what is coming down the pike as Electric Bikes are gaining more and more market space here in the United States. If you have not tried out an Electric Bike you are missing out. It was the best money I have ever spent. At 55 years old I do not have the boundless energy that I once had. The electric bike allows me to still enjoy a longer bike ride to still go as fast as I need to and even keep up with the younger guys. The quiet electric power is awesome and fun. A very low carbon footprint, and about 5 cents per charge equivalent to over 1000 miles per gallon. many electric bikes are now able to go over 40mph pretty fast for a bike with two skinny wheels and light weight frame. I recommend you go down to your local Electric Bike Dealer or go online to Prodecotech.com and take a look for yourself.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Rv, Parking under a tree, or in the sun?

when you arrive at the campground with your Rv there are many disisions to make. One is what site do I want. If you are staying a day or weekend or long term this is very important. Trees can cause immediate damage that has to have repairs right away. Damage to the roof, For the full timer this is critical. A full timer would have to be without a place to stay while repairs are happening, not to mention the cost. Many of the Rv Parks do not trim or keep up with dead limbs as they should. Leaves can stain a roof, cause moisture barriers and allow ants onto the roof. Birds gather and stain roof by their droppings. Remember moisture is one of the most worrisome and damaging for a camper, and sometimes goes unseen causing mold. Sun, while sun is warm and nice at times, it also can damage your camper. The sun is not an immediate danger, but long term. Most campers are made to withstand the suns rays. Yes overtime it will overcome the manufacturers efforts to protect the camper. The roof should be checked often for holes or cracked and dried out caulk. The sun is good for keeping moisture and mold to a minimum. Out in the sun away from trees will take away the worry from falling limbs. Now out in the sun, your air conditioners are going to work very hard. I have 2 and in the S. Texas heat in summer with both working hard, the temps were around 104 and both air conditioners were keeping the inside temp at 80. So depending on where you are, how long your stay is and temps you may decide to be under a tree. But for me, I prefer to be in the sun. We are full timers and just do not want the worry and hassle of falling trees and the damage they can do. There are many other reasons for picking certain camping sites. Wind, sun, view, satellite positions, 50 or 30 amp, close to bathrooms and showers, convienence and the big one neighbors, lol. The advantage of being on wheels is we can move to another site or even another park.. Hope this helped you and more to come. God Bless....

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

New Web Videos/Daves Outdoor World

Welcome to Daves Outdoor World Trail Blog. The last couple days I have been making some trail video of me biking the Lake Texana Campground trails here at the park. I also have been uploading to YouTube some of my past videos of kayaking and biking since I had a lot of extra data left over because I have good wifi service here at the park. Please check out my videos on you tube at Daves Outdoor World and here on my web site. Its been great weather for riding and filming. I hope you will follow me on my social media sites and say hello. More trail blogging to come.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year 2017

Wishing you all a very prosperous New Year. We are currently in Edna, Texas at Lake Texana Campground. Looks like rain most of the day.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Arived in Edna, Texas

Hello Friends,
We have arrived in Edna, Texas for the second year in a row at Lake Texana Campground. We love it here and are looking forward to spending the winter here through June. Did not bring any kayaks with me this year as I do not want to kayak with gators. lol. I did bring my new Trek Mountain Bike and my Prodeco Electric Bike this year. Been out on the trails already and loving it. I was in Victoria Texas yesterday and took a ride through this park. It was great. Beautiful park with lots of bike trails. Check out my pics on facebook at Daves Outdoor World...Well just wanted to check in and will write more later...

Monday, February 8, 2016

Why The Creation Of The Tri Cities--Tampico-- Triathlon?

I have long believed that the Tri Cities has some of the best trails and parks in the state. When you connect the Rock River National Water Trail and the National Recreation Trail of the Hennepin Canal to these local trails, you now have I believe some of the best trails not just in Illinois but quite possibly in the United States!! Oh come on Dave, here ya go again, what could you possibly see in these trails. Well first, Multi use trails, a connection by water and bike trail that allows you to bypass the dangerous and difficult task to interrupt traffic and communities. The trails from Dixon Lowell Park as far as Sheffield are uninterrupted trails when connected. Some 50 miles or more, and if ya add the main canal then you are adding 50 or so more making it well over 100 miles of connecting trails. if we ever open the Guard Lock gate in Rock Falls we would have a continuous uninterrupted waterway of more than 50 miles. I want to showcase this connection and all the synergies that are here. Historical places, culture and so much more. I believe this is a Historical Destination area. I like to include when I am talking about a destination area, Oregon, Grand Detour, and Byron along the Rock River. Still connected by a common thread. The Tri Cities Tampico Triathlon would promote and market this area. I believe those from the Chicago area and Rockford and the Quad Cities would love to come out to our trails and communities. We just need to make the transition from old Steel and factory towns to a active exciting recreation and river towns. Once we make this transition and embrace it I believe the are a will explode and we will finally be what we were suppose to be. A very energetic active healthy community of very exciting people and places to explore. The Triathlon would bring three major sports and its racers and families to our towns and trails. Its time to compete not only in these races but to compete with other communities and towns that do not have nearly what we have. Our greatest assets are our waterways and trails. Either you attract sportsman and tourists or you attract drug dealers and drug users and crime. Yes crime will come no matter what and there is a price to pay. This Triathlon race event will attract many visitors and tourists who will come and spend money here in our communities and businesses. We need a economic stimulus and why not get a direct shot in the arm. Tourism and these types of events are driving economies today. States and cities and towns are scurrying to develop waterways and trails and river fronts. Some are even creating there own waterways and digging ditches, tearing out dams for watersports. Canals in Canada and Europe have been developed and the economies are booming there. This event is not just a race my friends, its marketing, its promoting and showcasing and inviting tourists to come and enjoy and spend their money while having a great time with their families. I hope you all will support this race and our efforts....

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